PD Marine - Science + Safety

Multiple Solutions with PD Marine

PD Marine offers solutions for many maritime activities.

Research Bodies

Data logging systems provide valuable information, but dense static networks come with high acquisition costs and on going costs to retrieve the data in real time.

Using PD Marine network modules existing water way traffic can quickly become part of an integrated data collection and transfer network.

The ability to connect to any NMEA 2000 bus and with wireless or 3G capabilities as standard, existing sensor arrays can be integrated in a near real time network.

Commercial Fleets

PD Marine allows environmental and operating conditions to be monitored on fleet vessels.

Vessels performance can be analysed and integrated in to maintenance schedules and financial decision making.

Recreational Fishing and Boating

PD Marine offers GPS location tracking.

Record fishing and boating trips for playback.

A PD Marine phone app allows boats to register and post locations during recreational events such as game fishing competitions.


PD Marine allows sensor data of important environmental indicators to be collected in an efficient and cost effect way.

Fitting PD Marine network modules to an existing fleet will create a viable network, collecting environmental data and operating data from the vessels.

Using "Ships of Opportunity" - other vessels using the waterways - data can be continiously colklected and transmitted to operational centres where the data can be analysised and interrogated.